Love Your Postpartum Body: 8 Confidence Tips for New Moms9 min read

It’s no secret that your postpartum body goes through a lot of changes.

For many new moms, it can be tough to accept these changes and feel confident in their own skin. Leaky boobs, droopy breasts, flabby arms, cellulite, and stretchmarks – these are just some of the things that can occur after giving birth.

But don’t worry! You are not alone. In this blog post, we will discuss how to love your postpartum body and feel confident in your new role as a mom!

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your postpartum body is still beautiful.

Each and every change that has occurred is a reminder of the amazing thing you’ve done – giving birth to a new life. So don’t be so hard on yourself, and give yourself some love!

Enough of the pep talk. Here are 8 tips on how to feel confident in your postpartum body.

Tip 1.Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Mothers.

Every woman’s body is different, and you should embrace the changes that have occurred to yours. You’re not in competition with anyone, so don’t put yourself through the wringer by comparing yourself to other mothers.

But let’s be honest for a minute.

How realistic is it for you not to compare yourself to another mum with a flat tummy, healthy hair, and zero skin breakouts?

The answer is: not very realistic at all.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on accepting your postpartum body just the way it is. So try to focus on what’s good about yourself, rather than what you think is bad.

Tip 2.Embrace your curves.

Many new moms worry about their changing figure, but you should embrace your curves! There’s no need to be ashamed of them.

You probably have wider hips now, which means with the right outfit, you’ll no doubt look like a snack.

Embrace your new postpartum body and show it off with confidence. A little bit of sexiness never hurt anyone.

Plus, thick thighs save lives.

Tip 3.Focus On Your Health

Your postpartum body is still healthy, no matter what changes have occurred. So don’t forget to focus on your health, both physically and mentally.

Make sure to eat a balanced diet, try out a few postnatal exercises, and take some time for yourself every day.

I know how hard it is to get time for yourself every day when you’re home with a newborn or even a toddler.

And so, I’m not asking you to put aside 2 hours for “me time”, but something practical, like 20 mins every day.

That way, you can take a quick hot bath, read your favourite book, listen to a podcast, or just relax in silence.

Tip 4.Focus On Your Strengths

Think about the things that make you unique and beautiful. Maybe it’s your big brown eyes, or maybe it’s your infectious laugh.

What’s that one thing you love about yourself?

I’m positive you can come up with one feature or trait that’s still intact post-childbirth. So, focus on that and let it empower you.

You are still beautiful, inside and out. And you’ve just accomplished one of the most amazing things a woman can do – give birth to a new life. So be proud of your postpartum body, mama!

Tip 5.Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good

One amazing piece of advice I’d give you as a first time mum is to wear clothes that make you feel pretty.

I’m not talking about squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Find a piece of clothing that fits right and makes you feel comfortable and confident. It could be a flowy skirt, a comfortable pair of yoga pants, or even just a plain T-shirt.

Postpartum isn’t the time to squeeze yourself into tight jeans or try fitting your boobs in a small bra. Comfort, above everything else, should be your top priority.

The key to feeling confident in your postpartum body is finding clothes that make you look good, conceal your midsection, and make breastfeeding a breeze.

What if I don’t feel confident yet to show my curves?

It’s normal that you wouldn’t be eager to wear clothes that “hug your body in all the right places.” Take this from someone who used to wear a big-ass hoodie to cover her tummy.

And no, sweating wasn’t a convincing enough reason for me to dress down a bit. So, yes, I understand that you might not be in a comfortable space to show off your postpartum body just yet, and that’s okay.

How then can I embrace my postpartum body without highlighting my new shape?

If you’re not entirely confident to show everyone your contours, stay away from lighter-colored clothes. Black is great at hiding bulges, bumps, and anything else you want to conceal.

So, if putting on a bright-colored top or skirt feels like jumping straight into the deep end of a swimming pool, there’s no need to push yourself. Stick to black or dark-colored clothes as you rebuild your confidence and feel more comfortable in your postpartum body.

The end goal is to find something that makes you feel good and wear it with confidence.

You deserve to feel beautiful post-childbirth, regardless of the number of stretch marks or loose skin you have right now.

Tip 6.Don’t Ditch the Makeup Just Yet

One of the things that make us feel good about ourselves is wearing makeup. So don’t ditch the makeup just yet, post-pregnancy! Just find a type of makeup that works for you and your new body.

I doubt you’ll have time to do a face beat, using different products with a newborn in tow. But if you do get time, then I honestly envy you.

But how then do I look refreshed in less than 5 minutes?

If spending 20-10 minutes doing your makeup every morning isn’t realistic for you, then the best alternative would be to go for a 4-in-1 foundation. Think of a 4-in-1 foundation as a multi-tasking skincare product that offers you coverage, has SPF, primer, and an essential oil/ powder or Vitamin E.

Such 4-in-1 foundations are the rave right now when it comes to the easiest and fastest way to look your best without spending too much time prepping.

But if you have time with some help on deck (Obviously!), or you’re just superb at planning your time, and you don’t mind spending 20-30 mins doing your makeup every day, then go for it.

Another option if you’re a makeup minimalist is to go for a light foundation that basically blends itself into your skin without too much effort. You can pull your look together with a nude lipstick such as a rich caramel for dark skin tones or a peachy hue for lighter skin tones.

And if you’re like me, then a good long-lasting tinted lip balm and Shea butter moisturizer was a lifesaver during the early days with a newborn.

Those are some simple, easy ways to look good during postpartum. You don’t have to give up on makeup entirely just because you’re a mum now, with a tiny human who needs you 24/7.

It’s all about making realistic changes that allow you to look snappy in a few minutes and feel good about yourself.

Tip 7.Use a Natural Deodorant

During postpartum, you have to deal with bleeding, excess sweating, and all sorts of bodily fluids. With an infant in hand, you already have first-hand experience of what it means to be covered in spit-up. And once it dries, it doesn’t smell fruity or rosy, does it?

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to feel fresh post-childbirth, I’d recommend using a natural deodorant.

Why can’t I just use my regular deodorant?

Here’s why.

First, your baby is super sensitive to smell, so you don’t want to mask your natural scent with a highly fragranced deodorant.

Secondly, artificial deodorants are loaded with chemicals that might make their way into your bloodstream and finally your breastmilk. An organic alternative on the other hand is free from aluminium, parabens or other harsh chemicals.

Thirdly, if you have sensitive skin, natural deodorant is a great choice to neutralize body odour without using artificial fragrances.

If you don’t want to spend money buying a natural deodorant, you can use an alternative like Coconut oil, Shea Butter or Aloe Vera gel.

Tip 8.Buy Pretty Grandma Panties

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever wondered why lingerie makes you feel attractive? It’s because it makes you more confident and boosts your self-esteem.

Now, I’m not saying go out and spend a fortune on lingerie post-childbirth.

But, if you can find a comfortable pair of panties that make you feel pretty, go ahead and buy them.

Just because you’ve had a child, and you’re not a sex hiatus doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling sexy and attractive. You can still wear cute underwear that makes you feel good about your postpartum body.

And here’s another interesting fact.

Wearing good, comfortable undies can motivate you to dress up in beautiful clothes that accentuate and fit your body.

And I bet you’re probably thinking?

Is there something like pretty grandma panties?

The answer is YES!

There are plenty of pretty panties out there that will make you feel good about your postpartum body transformation.

So, go ahead and spice up your underwear drawer with a pretty pair today!

8 Confidence Tips for New Moms You Can Apply Right Now

So, there you have it – eight confidence tips for new moms. Just because your body has gone through a major transformation doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love the new you.

You just have to be conscious to take care of yourself and give yourself a little bit of TLC. And with these tips, we’re sure you’ll feel more confident in your postpartum body in no time!

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I hope these tips will help you to love and embrace your postpartum body!

Remember that you are still beautiful, no matter what changes have occurred. And focus on your health – both physical and mental – as that is the most important thing right now.

Good luck!:)

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